Chasing Money . . .

As a senior in college with an application pending at Harvard Law School, I watched the movie the Paper Chase at the cinema in Harvard Square. I had committed to going to becoming a lawyer in elementary school. Although watching the Paper Chase did not positively reinforce my choices, I did go onto receive a wonderful law school education (despite being rejected by Harvard) and engage in a happy legal career. Despite anything I may have written on my law school application about wanted to save the world one client at a time, I was not motivated by public service or the desire to make sweeping changes in society via my role as a lawyer. My professional choices were not to follow the trajectory of increasing economic reward as I made choices promoting my autonomy and engaging in work I could do competently with a minimum of drama and stress. I just wanted Monday morning to arrive with eager anticipation rather than dread, hoping what I did worked economically.

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Financial Incentives: Good or Bad?

By Fred Egler, Esquire, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The following contains excerpts from Daniel H. Pink, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

Financial incentives (pay-for-performance) have shown to be effective for improving productivity in jobs that are repetitive or transactional. However, as our society moves towards jobs that require more creativity –design, creating marketing campaigns, software, inventing products, etc. – financial incentives are not only less effective at eliciting performance, but can actually impedeperformance.

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Choosing Wisely

By Robert A. Creo, Editor

In the climactic scene in the 1989 movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, both Indiana Jones, and the villains arrive at the cave where the Holy Grail has been guarded for centuries by a Knight.   There is a table with numerous grails (cups) where the Holy Grail is hidden in plain sight.  The Knight admonishes them to “choose wisely.”

 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade(1989):Choosing the Holy Grail(whole scene) (5:15)

As we saw in the clip, the bad guy chooses the fanciest cup and is destroyed.  The Knight’s only comment is “he chose poorly.”

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